Thursday, April 3, 2014

Looking for some Brothers to act as welcoming committee for those recently released

Hey all,

Lately I've had a lot of brothers getting writing me after they get out. Most of us have been there before... You just got out. You don't have a lot of money. Looking for job/work.

I'd like to find one or two people in every major city in Indiana (especially far north and south) to serve as a welcoming committee for recently released Brothers. Ideally you'd be off probation/parole so there's no parole violations to worry about. Ideally you'd be doing alright for yourself, so you'd be in a position where you might be able to help a Brother out (have a car to give someone a ride to job interview, some money so you could loan someone a few bucks for smokes and food, etc.)

If your a Saxon in good standing, please consider emailing and signing up for the Welcome Wagon. 

It's easy enough to stick together inside when you've got no one else. A real Saxon will help his brothers out anytime, anyplace, anywhere and will help his Brothers get on their feet and improve themselves, cause that's what we fucking do.

S. K. All. Day.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Staying White In a Muddy World

How's it going white brothers and sisters?

Life's been a bit rough for me lately but I'm keeping up with most of my responsibilities (otherthan this blog at least.) Staying a man of honor who is known for integrity seems to get harder every year. I was wondering if any of you out there have any strategies for embracing our culture in hostile places and locations without coming off like a preachy blowhard.

Two things have happened to me in the last few months that lead me to think about what sort of ambassador for the white race I am. Very different situations and looking back on both of them I think I could have done better.

The first was a pretty hard day. My little cousin got hit by a drunk driver pulling off 37... The drunk driver was a mexican with no papers and no insurance. My family was pretty upset in the waiting room (My cousin is doing fine now btw. She ended up with two broken ribs and and twelve stitches in the back of her head). We didn't know what was going on my mom's brother started talking all this bullshit about how the mexican was there because of jobs and economics and all this barack obama type nonsense. He's sitting here making excuses for some spic who just hospitalized his blood shouldn't have to have insurance just like the rest of us.

I have to admit I lost my cool a little bit. It just really pissed me off that he had all this sympathy for a spic who's not blood or race, meanwhile his neice is bleeding in a hospital bed. Long story short, I feel like I really dropped the ball. Most of my family is not racially aware. Here we were in a situation where an illegal immigrant had harmed a family member. I feel like I should have been able to to help steer my family to some awakening here. Instead I came out too emotional and strong and now my family thinks of me as colder and meaner.

The second incident is the radio in the truck with a coworker. He's white and our small company is all white. The owner is somewhat racially aware and the others are all friendly to those of us who are. The thing is he keeps turning on rap music while we're driving around. Especially after my last incident of trying to be the ambassador and talk about our common cause going so badly... I'm hesitant to come on too strong, but I also don't want to drive around listening to nigger music sometimes 2-3 hours a day.

As racially aware ambassadors how can we be messengers to our folk without coming off as preachy and alienating the very people we're here to save?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


sorry i have not been writing as much. I was gettting worried that no one was reading and I wasn't sure much to write about. but the latest out of the antiwhite terrorists is right in backyard and i'm sick of not doing anything. In case you haven't heard.
This is the podcast about the antifa that starts about 15 minutes in. (It's all pretty good if you want to listen tho)

 These terrorist bullied some stupid little kid who was trying to do awhite student union and made him tell who put him up to it. Theres also something in the paper about the anti ffags assaulting some guy for having a white friendly sign. but i can not put up a link because you have to subscribe.

Well then two can do that game. If we can figure out who theyse people are then we can post their pictures online too. I have been on about to do some research myself and I no who 2 of their leaders are already. Jacob Domke is their leader while tinley park five in jail i think and I WILL GIVE $100 if you can provide a picture of him and you can provide proof that its real or that you know him and I will post it and give to you 100 dollars on paypal.

also if anyone else is working on finding harm for real then you should email me saxonhbs @ gmail . com

the new ANTI HARM PAGE is here

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Immigration Reform Proposal Will Cost $2.5 Billion

Just read an article that the new immigration reform will cost $2.5 Trillion Dollars. That's $2.5 TRILLION tax dollars for NON-AMERICANS!!!! Our national debt skyrockets. Our roads crumble. Our jobs move overseas. What does a real American get out of the deal? We get to pay welfare for the people who left their country cause they weren't smart enough to get the jobs we sent there. So they come here and we pay for their food stamps and babies.

Our financial situation in this country is abysmal. Socialist Obama redistributes the money from those of us that actually work to his mongoloid masses. We fight wars for Jews all over the world. We give foreign aid to the same muslims that want nothing less than the destruction of all white Christians. This can't go on forever. Real Americans. WHITE AMERICANS won't stand for this forever.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From my cold dead hands...

So black president Obama is going to be issuing 'Executive Orders' to take our guns away. The NRA has been warning about this four years, and sure as hell, it's a reality now. The libertarian Rande Paul is introducing legislation to nullify these orders, but I don't think we should be holding our breath until that wins the congress. Our constitution is pretty clear. We have a second amendment for a reason. It's to protect citizens from the tyranny of an unnaccountable government.

People have talked a lot of trash about what they'd do if...

... a black got in the white house.
... the country turned to communism.
... our country abandoned god for muslims.
... blacks took over the country and outnumbered us because they have so many babies

And said they'd stand up, but I think like most people who talk trash they don't plan on doing anything. It's hard to be proud, white, and amercian when no one else cares.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Anti-White Terrorist Get Slap on the Wrist For Brutally Attacking Defenseless White Nationalists

So I just read the article today that the five anti-white terrorrists that come from near my neck of the woods took a plea deal today. The got 3-6 years and good time, time served, and programs so some of those little fuckers will be out in like 9 months. Maybe less. This is a perfect example of how this system IS RACIST. and the fact of the matter is it IS RACIST AGAINST WHITES. If 20 SK had run up in a meeting of the Nation of Islam and took care of business like these anti-whites did.... IT WOULD BE A HATE CRIME. They'd max that shit out against us and run it concurrent. But then again, most SK don't have the... what's that shit caled? .... hmmmm .... oh ya MONEY!!!! to afford a fancy jew lawyer either.

The local paper is totally making them out to be heros. As if jumping people while they eat is something to be celebrated?

Pay attention and read what the lawyer says:

"All the Nazis at the restaurant have records, with violent felony backgrounds," Garber said. "They had weapons, guns in their cars."

So apparently everyone who owns a gun is a nazi? And of course if you've ever been charged with a crime it's completely within the rights of communist vigilantes to attack you while you eat.

We can't rely on ZOG newspapers to spread the truth. It's not a question anymore.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dr Duke Tells How Romney Maybe Worse Than Obama

Just read a speech by Dr Duke on Aprilgaedesblog.  In it he says things about how Republicans and Democrats are both anti-white. Some of the worse immigration rules in this country was under Reagan. What are you gonna do though except take care of you and yours. All politicians is the real criminal and only care about making money. Then they have there police to enjorce the bullshit rules they make up.

You should read the full interview at this address: